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A Guide to Gun Dog Puppy Training Gear and Accessories

A Guide to Gun Dog Puppy Training Gear and Accessories

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Welcoming a new puppy into our lives is a joy, and we all aspire for them to become valued family members and excellent gun dogs. Initiating their training in essential skills at an early stage is crucial to ensure their happiness and good behavior both at home and in the field.

Begin by instilling fundamental commands such as Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Off, and No. Additionally, focus on house training, socializing, lead training, and retrieval.

"Starting with the 'Sit' command is often the easiest, as it aligns with most dogs' natural instincts."

Training should commence early, as dogs are never too young to learn, but it's essential to adapt the training approach to their developmental stages.

Being a responsible dog owner involves incorporating training into your routine. There are numerous quality dog training classes and books available, and we offer a range of books to guide you. For a strong start in your training journey, equip yourself with the Bisley Puppy Training Pack, containing all the necessary tools.

The Bisley Puppy Pack contains:-

    After establishing a strong foundation, earning your puppy's trust and forming a bond, you can delve into gun dog training. A wealth of specialized knowledge on gun dog training is available, detailing when to introduce specific techniques. Various websites offer advice and courses tailored for both newcomers to the sport and experienced individuals. The Bisley puppy pack extends beyond gun dogs, encompassing everything essential to give any puppy a solid start.

    The introduction of the stop whistle is crucial early on, especially for field activities where you need to apply brakes. Acme whistles facilitate control in such situations, with the pack containing two whistles ideal for Stop and Recall.

    The Acme 210.5, a high-pitched yet user-friendly whistle, is often favored by Spaniel owners. It serves as an excellent all-around dog whistle, particularly beneficial for puppy training due to its effectiveness in both close and distance control. Single frequency and suitable for urban and rural environments.

    The Acme Thunderer, hailed as the world's first sports whistle, is a pea whistle. Its unique design, featuring a pea inside the body, produces a distinctive rolling trill. The pea allows you to modulate the sound, making it a versatile and invaluable training tool.

    The Bisley lanyard offers hands-free use of the whistle, a crucial aspect during training and often a specified requirement in classes and courses.

    Once you've mastered the basics of stop and recall, you can focus on honing your puppy's retrieval skills. Prioritize dummy retrieval before introducing cold game. The Orange 1/2 lb training dummy is ideal for familiarizing your pup with the weight and shape of a bird. Its orange colour facilitates easy marking, and the absence of a toggle prevents your canine companion from chewing. Additionally, it floats for a reasonable duration.

    Initiating basic training lays the groundwork, and the durable yet gentle Bisley green rope slip lead is suitable for use without a collar, providing effective control and guidance for your puppy.

    As you progress to advanced stages, our assortment of equipment and accessories is designed to support your journey. From dog training tools and coats to bowls and a diverse selection of dog bags, we've got you covered. And for your own comfort during the shoot, explore our excellent range of clothing and boots.

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