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Krill Active

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The Krill Active range took its roots in 2014, conceived during angling sessions at the formidable Lac de St Cassien. Harnessing the power of additional liquids and powders, we enveloped the bait, ensuring it released a burst of attraction and food signals in a remarkably short time. Kept under wraps and reserved for special trips, the results have consistently been awe-inspiring. There's no denying the significant impact this bait has compared to standard options.

In 2020, we are thrilled to unveil this product to the market. Through specialized machinery, we've perfected a process to produce it on a large scale. The unique super-soluble liquids and powders create a paste-like coating around the boilie, releasing attraction instantaneously. The key to its success lies in the abundance of amino acids discharged by the coating. Carp identify their food by detecting amino acids in the water, and this bait floods the surroundings like no other.

In every instance, the Active has outperformed a standard Krill boilie! We're introducing this product because we genuinely believe we've enhanced one of the best baits ever created.

Krill Active is exclusively available as freezer bait, offered in sizes 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, and 24mm. Avoid air-drying this boilie. Additionally, we present Tuff Ones in 16mm, 20mm, and 24mm, along with Wafters in both 16mm and 20mm to complement the range.

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